Grilled Goat Cheese   109:-/ 169:-

served with butter fried beets, walnuts, mix salad & honey vinaigrette.
(Big one served with bread)

Toast Skagen   119:-

Classic Toast Skagen with hand peeled shrimps.

Chicken Wings   79:-/ 149:-

(5pcs/ 10pcs)

Delicious, spicy chicken wings

Chantarelle Toast   119:-

Stewed chantarelled & shallots onion served with grilled levian bread & horseradish.


Fish & Chips   179:-

Fried cod fillet, beer battered and deep fried. With chips, green peas purée & tartar sauce

BBQ Ribs   179:-

Sticky, .tender, glazed short ribs. Served with corn on the cob, ciphs & coleslaw

Ceasar salad   169:-

Chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese, roman lettuce, crutons, cocktail tomato & Ceasar dressing.

Club sandwitch   179:-

Chicken, Levain bread, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, truffle aioli & chips..


The Burges are served in a Brioche bun, with lettuce, tomato, chips & coleslaw.

Cheese & Bacon   l79:-

200g ground prime rib, sriracha mayo & fried onion.

Extra Meat 60:-

Halloumi   l79:-

Fried Halloumi cheese, eggplant mix, pico de gallo & pickled red onion.

Extra Meat 60:-        Extra Halloumi 60:-

Burger of the Month   l99:-

Ask the staff.

Extra Meat 60:-        Extra Halloumi 60:-


Just Chips   49:-

Coleslaw   25:-

Small Mix salad   39:-

Garlic bread   49:-



Truffle aioli | Bearnaise sauce | BBC sauce | 

Eggplant mix | Red wine sauce


Reindeer Stew   199:-

Served with mashed potatoes mixed with västerbotten cheese & lingonberry.

Wiener Schnitzel   219:-

Served with fried potatoes, caper & anchovy butter & red wine sauce.

Sirloin Steak    279:-

Cooked to your liking. Served with chips, béarnaise sauce, red wine reduction, oven-dried tomatoes & corn on the cob


for kids only

Fish & Chips   79-

Smaller portion of Fish & Chips.

Cheese Burger   79:-

Burger with cheese in a bun, chips & dip.

Pancakes   79:-

Served whit whipped cream & strawberry jam


Creme Brulee   89:-

Served with berry of the season.

Truffle   35:-

Lovely home made chocolate truffle, perfect with coffee.

Ice Cream   30:-
with marinated strawberrys

Vanilla ice cream & strawberrys marinated with lime & mint.

If you are allergic, or have any dietary requests, please talk to our staff and we will fit it to your needs as much as we possibly can!